Ljubljana is a vibrant city of delights characterized by its unique historical heritage, cultural creativity, friendliness and relaxed atmosphere.

In our 2-Hour Ljubljana Tour we`ll start our journey on the brinks of Medieval town, which is, still today, the hearth of the city. Our walk will take us past the main marketplace, where we’ll awaken your senses and share some stories connecting the past and the future. We’ll then go and explore the narrow streets of the city, traversing the heart of the medieval Ljubljana and getting to know not just the capital, but the whole country. Afterwards, we will cross the river and proceed with the stories connecting the past to the present times. Mainly we will link the Romans, Medieval times, 20th and 21st century. We will walk across the square that was inspired by the French style parks and finish our tour at the square dedicated to our biggest poet. 

And there is so much more to share! We are looking forward to heraing from you!

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