5 Secret Worlds of Budapest

Places where you feel like time-travelling or stepping into another culture or dimension.

There’s so much to do in Budapest. If you would like to discover more than just the main highlights and top sights, it is usually worth following the recommendations of the locals to find some of nicest hidden corners. Travelling is also a lot more fun if you get to know the local side of the city and not just the crowded touristic places. So being Budapest natives, we would like to give you a series of tips about our city.  

Let’s start with secret worlds: Places where you feel like time-travelling or like stepping into another culture, or dimension. Ever felt this when entering a street, a park or a hidden teahouse in the middle of a busy town? Here are 5 hidden gems that we highly recommend – for exploring secret worlds, or just escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city

1. Café Zsivágó

A really cozy café with unique atmosphere, vintage design and live music in the evenings. As the name suggests you’ll find not only Hungarian or international but also Russian drinks + snacks, such as good vodka, pirog or Russian sweets. One street away from the famous Andrássy út, that’s the place to relax during the day. It’s a bit of a time travel, you’ll feel like sitting in your grandma’s house – perfect for meeting friends, studying, working or just to have a coffee on your own. Upstairs there’s even a separate corner for more intimate talks. Don’t forget to try the incredibly delicious hot chocolate with orange!

Café Zsivágó


Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 55, 1061

2. Gül Baba utca

Walking up the steepest street in Budapest, you’ll feel like stepping into another town or at least another century. This narrow street was restored, but still has a very different atmosphere when coming from the busy Margit körút. Gül baba’s tomb, an islamic / Turkish pilgrimage site, is above this street, fully renovated. Other interesting street names in this area are also connected to the Turkish past. Enjoying the beautiful view, the colorful houses, flowers and the relaxed atmosphere of Rózsadomb, you can spend a nice time with your loved one or on your own.

Budapest, Gül Baba utca, 1023

Budapest, Gül Baba utca, 1023

3. Baross Restaurant in the Keleti railway station

Once you’re in the historical building of Keleti Railway Station, turn left from the main entrance and look for Baross étterem. People usually run to catch their train or get a taxi after arrival and don’t even notice this totally different world at this hidden corner of Keleti. An old style restaurant in a wide hall, where nothing ever changes. Old fashioned, kind service, no matter if you’re sitting there with a coffee for an hour or have a dinner before getting on your train. Also nice to have a farewell drink with your friend when your paths diverge and one of you has to say goodbye to Budapest.

Baross Restaurant in the Keleti railway station


Budapest, Baross tér 11/a, 1087

4. Epreskert

This hidden park called „Mulberry garden” in the middle of the 6th district was once the home of a painting school and an important meeting point of bohemian artists living nearby. Painters and sculptors used to have their studios around this park, you’ll find their names on the street-plates of this area. Today the garden is used by the University of Fine Arts – their works are in the park and in the ateliers. Although you can officially visit the garden only on special days (for example at the Night of the Museums) it’s worth to go there and walk around, you’ll see the sculptures, old trees and studios from the street, too.


Budapest, Bajza u. 41, 1062

5. 1000TEA teahouse

Váci street is known for shopping, posh places, elegant brands and expensive restaurants – but if you know the right door to enter, you’ll find yourself in a nice inner yard with a hidden teahouse. A charming little place, with cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of tea leaves. The nice decoration creates a magical and calm ambient where you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity. You don’t have to be a tea expert, the staff will help you and you won’t regret it.

1000TEA teahouse


Budapest, Váci u. 65, 1056

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Text and Photos by Orsi