Tour Guide: Helga


I travel a lot in the city, preferably by bike. But I also very much enjoy walking with tourists through the streets of Budapest. Recently, I've been thinking about how best to describe my work as a tour guide, and I've come to a comparison: getting to know a city shows the similarity to learning a foreign language: you have to learn something every day. That's the way it is with me, there is always a new street, a new house, a new memorial or a new pub. I love to explore my city on my own and with enthusiasm I pass on the information to my guests.

Tour Guide: Dan


I'm a non-stop seeker of hidden corners, untold stories, behind the scene facts about the environment that surrounds me. I enjoy it for myself. If I have the chance to share it with others, even better! That's why I've become a full-time tour guide.

Every city has personality, moods, good days, bad days, secrets. It is there for you to crack it.

Everybody has their own city. Let Budapest be yours as well.


Tour Guide: Viki


My name is Viktória and I’m a registered tourist guide in Hungary. I’ve been doing this job for 17 years, on two continents, in three languages!

Hungary is amazing, and with me you have the possibility to discover this unique and interesting country. I can show you not only Budapest, but also the lovely countryside, the amazing small cities, the Balaton or the Pussta, as traditional destinations of Hungary. But in case you would like to try some new programs, let yourself accompany by me on GastroTours or thematic walks in Budapest, or all over in Hungary!

Tour Guide: Krisztina


My name is Krisztina, I am a licensed tour guide for Hungary and I love to show my guests all the beauties that our country offers. I am also a teacher and occasionally write travelogues for an online magazine. Although I was born in Budapest, I’m a mix of different cultures, as I lived for a long time in Germany and have traveled a lot, too. I’m interested in many thigs, such as languages, history, literature and arts. Classical music and opera are my passions. If you are also an opera lover, then a visit to the Hungarian Opera could be a special experience for you. As I live in the oldest part of Budapest, I would be glad to show you Óbuda with the remains of the former Roman province Aquincum or recommend a trip to the Danube Bend to Szentendre. Join my tours and experience with me the city and its surroundings among friendly locals!

Tour Guide: Kornél


I am a freelance tourguide. I've been working as a guide and in various fields of tourism since 2000. I’ve been around many places in the world as a tourleader of adventure tours from Asia to South America and the Mediterranean in the spirit of responsible tourism. What really attracts me is alternative tourism. 

My way of guiding is to interact more closely with the space involved, as well as providing an abiding special experience. I encourage tuning to our surroundings to achieve deeper understanding to connect present life and history. The participants of my tours consciously choose a deeper experience meanwhile slowing down. I believe in "slow travel". I like to relive Hungary and our capital Budapest from a different perspective and to do this in a good company. I share the experience with pleasure, when the city gets alive in us!

Tour Guide: Brigi


I know the city in and out as I am from Budapest and have been in guiding for three years. As an enthusiastic local I like to discover the secrets of the city and share it with the travellers. I have travelled extensively around the world and lived in London and Portugal. Now I am a mother of two little cute boys. You can ask me about the architecture and history but I am also keen on sharing the gastronomic pleasures of the Hungarian cuisine.

Tour Guide: Sanyi


I grew up in Budapest and have lived here all my life.

Inspiration has always been important for me: books, music, places, people, conversations, everything that helps me connect with something special. So, if you are looking for the beauty in a city… or great deeds in history… if you love art or beautiful architecture… we can discover all this together. My motivation as a guide is to show you what is inspiring in our history and city in a personal and caring way, and also leave space for sharing our thoughts and experiences with each other

Apart from English I guide tours in Spanish and French too.

Tour Guide: Kata


My name is Kata, I am a foreign language teacher and a social anthropologist, I’ve been interested int he history of the Roman Empire since I was a teenager. I love reading novels about that age, especially crime stories. I’ve always wanted to travel to Rome, until I realized that there are remains of the Roman Empire in the middle of my hometown. (Later, I visited Rome, of course :-)). Come and try my tours, and we are going to explore all the secrets of my town!