Hi everybody! My name is Francesca and i'm a Tuscan tour guide and genuine like chianti wine :) I'm a certified guide and I offer tours in Florence, Pisa, Lucca, 5 Terre, Rome ( and Vatican city ). I'm an art lover, history lover, degree in food biotechnology, and of course food lover... (I can share typical recipes like tuscan soup, or "cacciucco" a kind of fish soup cooked with chianti wine..). I love working as a tour guide, my job is my passion and what I mostly like is to share my time, my knowledge with people. I always keep in contact with my clients, they can call me or text me, we share photos and I'm available for informations and tips. My tours are for families, couples, little group of friends, only private tours where you can visit everything with calm, ask questions, enjoying every single part of the tour. I'm a mother of two and I love kids, I offer tours tailored specifically for children, with particular attention on their needs and times. I consider my clients like new friends, during their stay here they can count on me for informations or help.