Unnar Native Norwegian-Icelandic. Partly retired after 40 years of work. Educated MBA with German Studies. Educated and trained as Oslo Tourist Guide. I am looking forward to showing you Oslo, one of the fastest growing capitals in Europe. Since we found the oil in the North See, Oslo has changed from a sleepy capital to an international meeting place with the new opened Edvard Munch Museum. Our new Opera house from 2008 is an interesting architectural landmark in our new modern city district “Bjørvika”, with our new “skyline” Barcode. My favorite places are in the older middle age Oslo – called the quadratic old city “Kvadraturen” from 1624 with the oldest houses in city from early 17.th century with the Akershus Castle from 1300 with the bastion fortress around. You will be surprised, and I hope to give you some hours you will never forget. Oslo is today a very modern and international city.