Shalom from Jerusalem, My name is Naomi. My proffesion as a tour guide enables me to combine both my love of people and the love of my home city Jerusalem I will be most happy lt take you on a tour / tours in and around Jerusalem and show you the different sides,  sites and colours of this fascinating city. For example - A tour of the walled old city of Jerusalem- walking through the different quarters of religious cultures and visiting the three most holy sites - Western wall -for the  Jewish faith, Haram a Sharif (Temple mount) for Moslem believers and the church of Holy Seplecure for Christians. This is only the beginning. I can create a tour for you in accordance of your Choice & taste. Talking about taste, we can go and discover the culinary scene of Jerusalem. The different types of kitchens, the markets, Israeli wine and beer And of course the best places to eat, drink and enjoy the local atmosphere. For Veggies- Israel is well known in its variety of choices of food for vegetarians. You can choose between a whole day tour ( Appr. 6+ hours )or a short tour of  3-4 hours. It's your choice. No matter what tour you choose-  I will find the way to give you the best Jerusalem experience . Waiting to meet you in Jerusalem.