Iqbal Warsi born and brought up in Agra, the city which is well known for the monument of Love, The Taj Mahal. Iqbal, with a post-graduate degree in Management along with a diploma in Computer Science, was very keen to learn the history and culture of France. The first step is to learn the language, and that is when he joined the reputed Alliance Française de Delhi to master French. Iqbal’s passion for travel since childhood allured him to take the profession of being a tour guide where he could travel. His core area of competence is North India and Rajasthan. Iqbal is a raconteur.He mesmerizes the foreign visitors to India by sharing his knowledge, ensuring that they have the opportunity to experience the best of his Mother Land, India. The clients feel comfortable to be with a companion and friend in him and that everything will pass smoothly with him. Iqbal is fond of Mughlai food(Mutton Biryani, Kebabs-made from minced meat) since he hails from the city, which was very popular during the Mughal period. He also aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.