We owe a great deal to Italy, a country that has a unique wealth of cultural treasures and an equally unique variety of landscape paintings. The activity as 'Guida Turistica' is a contribution to the better cultural understanding of a country, but it also makes me happy with its special character: the community experience. A tour in the heart of an ancient city, the sense of the evocative ambience of a piazza, an arcade, a panoramic terrace near a church or palace - all this is especially beautiful and becomes even more precious if we can experience it together, in a small group, as a small group of 'like-minded'.

I began my present activity about twenty years ago, since (after the end of the activity as university lecturer, first in Pisa, then in Pavia) I passed the exams (abilitazioni) for the licenses in Piacenza and in Parma, since then many more licenses have been added. The activity as a guide (in addition to newspaper contributions about Italian cities and painters, especially for the 'Thüringische Landeszeitung' from 1992 to 2015) is for me also a form to testify my ''grazie” to Italy.