Old Jaffa And The Port

An easy walk through the legendary alleyways of 3,500 years old Jaffa. The City combines history, legends and fairy-tales, with a spectacular seascape, old stone houses and many unique Art Galleries. Jaffa was always the port leading to Jerusalem, and hosted every single empire, religion, culture and tradition from all around the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The tour starts at the Clock Tower Square. We proceed to the ancient Port, the House of Simon the Leather Tanner, where Christianity and Judaism split, St. Peter's Church and the Statue of Faith, polymer-clay jewelry artists, and some breathtaking viewpoints. We'll hear stories about Jonas the Prophet, Napoleon Bonaparte, Egyptian Kings, Greek Mythology and even Astral Constellations. It's hard to believe that this peaceful small hill of less than a third of a square mile was the mother of its monstrous modern and hectic neighbor - Tel Aviv.

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