Early Days Tel Aviv

If Jerusalem is the heart of Israel, then Tel Aviv is the engine. It's lively, diverse, vibrant and a leading world centre of art, Hi-Tech, architecture, start up, finance and the culinary world.

Established in 1909 Tel Aviv is surely one of the youngest modern metropolises around the world. It was born in a vast, open plane of sand dunes and after only two and a half decades exceeded 120,000 citizens and kept growing ever since.

The tour goes through the 3 first neighborhoods of the 'Old Tel Aviv' that retain a great Sense of History, trying to understand how this miracle was achieved. We'll walk through Habima Square – the cultural centre, the infamous Rothschild St. with its select choice of Bauhaus and international style buildings, Independence Hall were the State of Israel was declared, Achuzat Bait – the first neighborhood, Shalom Tower with the exhibition of old Tel Aviv models, the colourful Carmel Market, Neve Zedek, and conclude at the first train station in the Middle East.

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