The White City – Architecture In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv's rapid growth in the 1930s demanded massive construction that had to be fast, cheap and efficient. The solution was brought by Jewish architects who studied in Bauhaus (Germany), Le Corbusier (France), and Ood (Holland), the foundations of the international style. Thousands of modern houses were built and gave the city its special nature.

In 2003 Tel Aviv was awarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its choice of international style Buildings, and underwent a massive make-over project under the name "The White City", which turned Tel Aviv into a living urban exhibition.

Starting at Dizengoff Square we'll follow the evolution of the international style throughout the decades, continue to Habima Square to walk by the National Theatre, Concert Hall and Modern Art Gallery. A walk along Rothschild Av. will present a choice of select architecture, visit the special Libeling House and the Old City Hall, and end around the Historical Core where the older Art-Deco met the Middle Eastern Architecture to create a unique local style in the 1920s.

Through the houses we'll also get a window into the ideas of Zionism and how they manifested themselves in Tel Aviv.

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