Beit Guvrin, Stalactite Cave, And Machon Ayalon

A captivating journey through underground wonders. Departing from Tel Aviv in a luxurious VIP van, begin by heading to Beit Govrin National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the ancient city with its remarkable underground caves that once served as columbaria, oil presses, cisterns, and catacombs. Marvel at the intricate labyrinths carved by ancient civilizations. Visit the Beit Guvrin Amphitheater and the Sidonian Burial Caves, and wander through the ruins of a town believed to be the birthplace of King Herod the Great.

Continue to the Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve, a hidden gem beneath the earth's surface. Venture into this enchanting underground realm adorned with breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, creating a mystical ambiance. Despite its size, the cave boasts one of the world's most diverse arrays of stalactite formations.

Next, uncover the secrets of the Machon Ayalon Bullet Factory, a clandestine operation during Israel's fight for independence. Explore this hidden historical site and learn about the ingenious methods employed by the underground organization as they manufactured ammunition right under the nose of the British Mandate authorities.

Return to Tel Aviv towards late afternoon.

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