A Geopolitical Tour In And Around Jerusalem

Join us on an immersive tour, discovering Jerusalem's historical conflicts and modern dynamics, driven in a VIP vehicle in and around Jerusalem.

Your journey begins with Har Adar, a panoramic over the Corridor to JLM. Delve into territorial disputes and historical events.

Mt. Scopus offers a breathtaking vista, highlighting East Jerusalem and West Bank divisions.

Explore Mount of Olives, a convergence of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim significance, unraveling the threads of contemporary conflicts.

Drive along the Past Jordan-Israel border that divided the city, embracing poignant stories. Unveil the geopolitical status of the American Embassy and its 2018 move.

Optional: Explore Mount Zion, echoing with 13th-century conflicts.

Enter the Old City, witness 1948 clashes, and contemplate the harmony and imbalance at Temple Mount. Discuss the Egalitarian prayer space, a focal point for religious pluralism and gender equality struggles.

Flexibility reigns; customize your experience based on group interests and conditions.

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Details and Prices

Tour Guide Our English speaking, local, licensed Tour Guides
  • 6-10 people: €120-61/person
  • 5 people: €120/person
  • 4 people: €149/person
  • 3 people: €198/person
  • 2 people: €296/person
  • 1 person: €590
Duration ca. 8 hours
  • German
  • English
Included guidance
Excluded + 150 Euro transportation (VIP vehicle), Lunch, Entrance fees

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We offer private guided tours only, it is not possible to join other groups.