Ghent Walking Tour

Ghent is nestled at the confluence of two rivers: the Scheldt and the Leie. Lonely Planet calls Ghent 'the best kept secret'.

On this walk, this secret is revealed little by little. Ghent is like a phoenix that rises from its ashes and manages to leave its mark on history in different periods. Thanks to the cloth industry and its port, Ghent was the largest and richest city north of the Alps in the 12th and 13th centuries. Ghent will delight you with this medieval splendor. In the 19th century, 'the pearl of Flanders' experienced a revival as the first industrialized city on the European mainland. You will also find traces of this on this walk. For the 1913 World Exhibition, Ghent restored its medieval heritage so that you can still enjoy it today. But some 'adjustments' to the city are also on our route.

Ghent does not profile itself as a tourist city but as a lively, innovative and versatile city in which you will enjoy immersing yourself. Whether you like history, art and culture or enjoy a snack or drink, you will find it all here. As a 'city of all times', Ghent is very versatile and offers many possibilities. As a 'flower city', Ghent hosts the Floraliën, a renowned international flower exhibition, every five years. A sophisticated lighting plan further emphasizes the beauty of the city after darkness falls. Come discover this secret soon.

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