Discovering Dubrovnik

Lord Byron described Dubrovnik as the "Pearl of the Adriatic," and George Bernard Shaw stated, "Those who want heaven on Earth should come to Dubrovnik," and once you see it, you will understand why people fall in love with the city.

Like Phoenix, a city that has been struck by many earthquakes and destroyed by wars yet still stands proudly on the same spot. There are numerous books and stories about the city, but the story never ends.

Let us walk down the main street Stradun, passing by the large Onofrio Fountain, Franciscan Monastery, Convent of St Claire, Pallace Sponza, The Church of St Blaise, The Cathedral, Orlando Column in the heart of the city, Rectores Pallace, the monumental Baroque staircase leading to the Church of St Ignatius and Collegium Ragusinum, and let us escape into those small alleys to show you the city's hidden gems.

It's more than a pretty picture you can take with your camera; it's something that stays with you.

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