Imperial Walk

Our meetingpoint is at the Riva, our promenade where you can see all the important sites in Split.

We start with our pazar, the farmer's market. There you can find the typical Dalmatian products, and eat and drink. Then we enter the Palace through one of the 4 gates, the Bronze Gate and walk into the Substructures and then to the private rooms of the emperor Diocletian. We will see the Triclinium, Cryptoporticum and from the balcony of the Vestibul the main square of the palace, the Peristyle with the Egyptian shpinx and the mausoleum-cathedral.

We walk then along the Cardo to the Golden Gate and Grgur Ninski. Through the ghetto and the Iron Gate we will leave the Antique and enter the Middle Ages, the pjaca.

We end our tout again with food, at the fishmarket. Why there are no flys, even at 40*C in the shade - we will tell you at the end of tour.

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  • 6-10 people: €21-11/person
  • 5 people: €21/person
  • 4 people: €26/person
  • 3 people: €34/person
  • 2 people: €50/person
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Duration ca. 2 hours
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Excluded food and drinks, entry tickets

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