Guided Tours in Prague

Let us show you the famous sights and some of the hidden secrets of Prague in this tailored tour with "behind the scenes" stories and a lot of smiles.  
Taste three different beers and some small appetizers in  traditional pubs while learning about the Czech beer culture. 
Explore with us the famous bohemian cuisine of the Danube Monarchy: dumplings, Buchteln or Golatschten and a lot more!   
Explore the city with your children! Let them play, collect, search, draw and have fun on the streets of Prague during this private tour!
Prague castle is connected with a lot of mysteries and stories. We will thoroughly explore this medieval area to learn more about its unique history.
We’re going to explore the left side of Vltava river. Strahov Monastery, Loretto, Prague Castle (only the exteriors), Neruda Lane, Lesser Town Square with the Church of St. Nicholas, Wallenstein Palace and Government District, Maria Victoria...
Or in other words the right bank of Vltava river. Although it is called New, the New Town is also really old - so we`ll include it in our walk too.
We take a look at the former ghetto (Jewish quarter) of Prague with the 5 old synagogues and one of the “top 10 cemeteries to visit around the world”!
How was life in Prague and in the Czech Republic under the communist regime of 1948-1989? What was the "Prague Spring" in 1968? And how did the so-called soft revolution happen in 1989?
Our Recommendation
A visit to these two historic districts of Prague aims to place visitors in the historical context that, to this day, preserves monuments and buildings of touristic and historical importance and beauty.
- Enjoy fabulous Prague without a crowd on your exploration - Hidden gems - Prague Castle without a crowd - Narrow streets without a crowd