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The Bohemian cuisine - a well-known term even in the Danube Monarchy, in which Czech cooks have brought their wonderful recipes. Words such as dumplings, Buchteln or Golatschten are therefore not Bohemian village names for the Austrians. But bramboráky or svíčková? They only exist in Prague. Come along and try them. We will do the tour to your taste - because not only the pastries taste delicious. Even snacks for beer have a tradition in the beer country Czech Republic. But also famous are the thick sauces for which the bread dumplings have been invented as a side dish at all. In any case - bring enough appetite!

To make our tour really comfortable for you, we'll meet you at your hotel at the time that suits you the best, just let us know!

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Details and Prices

Tour Guide Our English speaking, local, licensed Tour Guides
  • 6-10 people: €23-13/person
  • 5 people: €23/person
  • 4 people: €29/person
  • 3 people: €38/person
  • 2 people: €56/person
  • 1 person: €109
Duration ca. 2 hours
  • German
  • English
Included Guidance
Excluded public transport ticket, appetizers (paid in the restaurants - please calculate with an extra ~20€ per person)

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