Guided Tours in Budapest

Our Recommendation
Let us show you the famous sights and some of the hidden secrets of Budapest in this tailored tour with "behind the scenes" stories and a lot of smiles.  
Let us show you the ancient Castle district with 800 years of history and some astonishing panoramic views in this tailored tour exploring the hilly side of Budapest
Wanna join me for a unique private tour connected with lovely meals and drinks while having great talks and laughs in Budapest?
Explore Budapest’s spectacular bar scene in a funny way. Ruin pubs, literary salons, traditional retro places that make youth’s life vibrating.
This half-day bike tour takes you all through Budapest while you’ll see some of the city's most celebrated sites. Along the ride you’re going to see some less known sights and hidden corners as well. Experience Budapest in this unique ...
We offer you all day local guidance and assistance to discover Budapest in depth, not just the mandatory highlights, but also some of the most interesting hidden corners. Ideal for companies, sport or other clubs for team building as well.  &...
This alternative tour will take you around the main sights of Budapest, however this time from another perspective. You will hear the story of our Communist past from a local.
What do the Time magazine, the Rubik's cube, a grey cattle and queen Sisi have in common? Well, they all appear on the walls of downtown Budapest.
During this private tour we will let ourselves be inspired by the rich past and the flourishing present of our city, especially by its architecture and its artistic life. You will learn about how modern Budapest was born just within a few decades ...
There is more to discover in Budapest about Jewry than the Old Jewish district! Join our private, guided tour and wander around a modern Jewish area and you will hear the story of their fame and fate.
The Old Jewish district is not only a World Heritage site with two-hundred-year-old houses but also the biggest party place in Budapest.
City park and around – A guided tour for Art and Architecture Fans!
Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, - Szentendre is worth a visit all year round. During this private tour we'll visit this small artist's town with its Serbian-Orthodox past is located in the Danube Bend just 20 km north of Bud...
In the area of today's Óbuda there are the remains of the former Roman settlement "Aquincum". In our private tour we'll show you the 3 essential parts: the military village, the legion settlement and the so-called civil town.