Asti private walking tour

Asti wants to be discovered and is not revealed at first glance. Let's go on a journey of discovery together. Proud Hasta, a Roman military camp, developed into the leading town in Piedmont in the Middle Ages in the struggle for freedom and self-determination. Residential towers can tell stories about these times.

Marvel at a cityscape in San Secondo that shows medieval Asti. Let's go down into the crypt. The proud palace of the Podestà illustrates the story and invites you into the renovated vaulted cellar. The Cathedral, an example of Italian Gothic, amazes us inside because it is completely baroque. Life-size terracotta figures need to be explained.

Also a saint for headaches, Asti is the city of spumante wine, deserves a guided tour. The complex of San Pietro describes the development from medieval to Renaissance architecture. Paolo Conte lives here, maybe we'll meet him in a small bar.

Cheer on the riders at the traditional Palio horse race in September. Let's visit the temporary exhibitions at the Corso Museum and taste a local Barbera red wine.

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