Cuneo private walking tour

A young town by Italian standards, only founded in 1198, located on a wedge between two rivers, which gave the name. Cuneo means wedge.

A medieval town with a planned street network. Pictures against the "evil eye", the best rum chocolates in Piedmont, low, crouched arcades, large, magnificent squares. Cuneo is worth a visit.

Come with us and let's discover together the unknown city in the south of Piedmont, the influence of France is noticeable, the big market is an experience. Where else can you find a chestnut fair, wonderful ski resorts, a world-renowned delicatessen company that processes porcini mushrooms and can be visited with a delicacy sample. Cheese dairies with the best local products. A cathedral that leans, churches rich in frescoes, baroque churches with trompe oiel paintings, wonderful terracotta decorations on palaces. Cuneo is waiting for you!

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