The Villa Reale in Marlia: a precious jewel in the surroundings of Lucca

Buildings and Park are the results of a series of transformations launched over the centuries. The Park extends for 16 ha and traces 500 years of history. The Grotto of Pan with water jets, the oldest ‘Green Theatre’ in Europe and the Lemon Garden testify the baroque layout given in the 1600s. The English Garden with totally new botanical species for Lucca (camellias, mimosas, magnolias…) dates back to the Napoleonic era. Last but not least, an Art Deco garden with Spanish-Moorish elements, an artificial lake, an Art Nouveau swimming pool, tennis courts, bocce and croquet courts were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. The Villa underwent the most significant changes with Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister and Princess of Lucca, who bought the property in 1806: in less than 10 years she brought it to the splendor of Malmaison, the private residence of Napoleon and Josephine near Paris. Elisa’s Empire style apartments have been reopened to the public after careful restoration work that has made it possible to enjoy the Villa’s luxurious interior as it once was. Another surprise is the Clock House which houses a collection of dolls with typical costumes from different countries. One of the most beautiful Villas in the surroundings of Lucca is the perfect place for a relaxing visit and walk.

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