Guided Tours in Milan

The tour is around Milan highlights and districts with art, history, curiosities and Milanese lifestyle.
Walking around the new skyscapers in Milan towards future: architectures and park " The Library of Trees" !
Duomo is a wonderful cathedral and you cannot miss to discover the 6-hundred-years history with a lot of anecdotes and curiosities!
Scala opera house... you are listening to music, singing and imagining a ballet….but if you visit this magic place, you will discover unbelievable stories!
Castello Sforzesco is the milanese history with dukes, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti too…wonderful masterpieces and stories!
The monumental cemetery (closed on Monday) is an open-air museum with a lot of sculptures of various artists in a big garden with flowers and trees and the Hall of Fame called Famedio.