Padua, a city for all seasons

Padua, in Italian Padova, is a picturesque town in the Po Valley, where art and culture have always been a top priority. A city for all seasons: thanks to eleven km of arcades, you can enjoy it in all weathers. With a two-hour walk we will get to know some of the sights of Padua.

The Basilica of Saint Anthony is a breathtaking summary of the development of art from the 14th century and is still one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Europe today.

Not far from the basilica there is the Botanical Garden, the oldest university garden in the world, and Prato della Valle, a huge square surrounded by 78 statues that tell us the history of Padua in an extraordinary way.

Padua is also the city of science, with the university founded in 1222, where students and professors from many different countries, in the past as well as today, study or teach: Copernicus, Vesalius, Harvey, Galilei, Wirsung and many others who have changed the world with their experiences and discoveries. Today, up to 66,000 students take part in the life of Padua and always bring new vitality to the city. In the heart of the old town is Palazzo Bo, the main building of the university since the 16th century.

An absolute must in Padua is the coffee break in the elegant “Caffè Pedrocchi”, where you can treat yourself to the famous mint cream caffè “Pedrocchino”. Next to it there are the famous medieval squares (Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza dei Frutti and Piazza dei Signori), where Paduan life takes place today and where there is a market every morning from Tuesday to Saturday. There you can find fresh vegetables, fruits, clothes and much more. Under the arcades of the medieval palace of justice, our “Palazzo della Ragione”, there are old pubs and small “corner shops” with typical local and Italian products, the best meat, fish, bread and cheese, not to mention wine.

When talking about Padua, we have to mention that it is a candidate for inclusion in the Unesco World Heritage Site with the fresco cycles from the 14th century, also thanks to Giotto, who worked here at the beginning of the 14th century.

Let yourself be surprised and enchanted by this city.

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