Roman Walks - The Magic of Rome

Holy or damned, attractive or repulsive, cosmopolitan or typically Italian: what is Rome after all? Its magic consists in a variety of emotions that are awakened when looking at this city.

We start our walk at a fountain in the shape of a boat, the so-called Barcaccia, a monument to the great flooding of the Tiber in 1598, right by the Spanish Steps. Next to it, in Via dei Condotti, Rome's luxury street par excellence, the Antico Caffè Greco can still be discovered today. Its most famous guest was possibly Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, .

The tour continues with the Fontana di Trevi, the famous rococo-style wishing well made world-famous through Fellini's masterpiece, la Dolce Vita. Our next stop is at the Pantheon, the best preserved temple of antiquity with the largest self-supporting dome in the world. Next we admire one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, Piazza Navona, with the magnificent Four Rivers Fountain. Here we also learn about the intrigues of the mighty Donna Olimpia and why she was called the “Popess” in the 16th century.

Then we stroll along Via dei Coronari, the old "Via Recta", which leads us towards the Vatican just like the pilgrims of the past. At the end of the street we finally see the majestic Angel Bridge and the Castel Sant'Angelo, in which, among others, Galileo Galilei was imprisoned.

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