Northern lights private adventure

Experience standing under the dancing northern lights, either somewhere in the surrounding majestic mountains or on one of our hidden secluded beaches. Get the feel of how and why humans in earlier times were fascinated (and frightened) by the lights and get a deeper understanding of the magic, that still enchants us humans today.At the same time, learn about modern research by our world renowned scientists and the still unsolved secrets in our vast universe.

Did you know, Tromsø is also called the city of the northern lights? We are right under the aurora oval, which makes it the ideal starting point for our northern lights expedition.

This is my favorite tour. I actually moved to Tromsø many years ago to live my life under the northern lights. Every night again, when I am out hunting the lights I am thrilled and excited and humbled by the majesty of our universe.

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Details and Prices

Tour Guide Our English speaking, local, licensed Tour Guides
  • 6-10 people: €106-54/person
  • 5 people: €106/person
  • 4 people: €133/person
  • 3 people: €177/person
  • 2 people: €265/person
  • 1 person: €528
Duration ca. 4 hours
  • English
  • German
Included guidance
Excluded transport, snacks

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We offer private guided tours only, it is not possible to join other groups.