Toledo Of The 3 Religions

For hundreds of years the coexistence of muslims, jews and cristians has left traces all over Toledo. Walking though the narrow and coblestone streets the traveller will discover a medieval city where arround every corner the buildings surprise more and more. Two synagogues: Transito and Santa Maria la Blanca show the visitor the magnificence of the largest jewish comunity of the Kingdom of Castile. The mosque of Cristo de la Luz (Christ of the Light), a small copy of the mosque of Cordoba, was built in 999 and it is a rarity in that it is in much the same state as when it was originally built. And above all the Primate Cathedral, one of the most beautiful and remarkable cathedrals in the wold. Or perhaps mor surprising for the traveller to find a church where it is written inside in arabic words: The Only God is Allah. This is Toledo

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