Temple Diversity In Taipei

Taiwan is a freedom country, also free for religions. In Taiwan you can visit different buildings of religions, such as Buddhist temple, Taoist temple, Confucius temple, also Christ church, Cathedral church, and we do have Mosques since the population of Muslim increased. 

In this tour we will visit three temples. Zen Buddha temple, which looks like you are in a Japanese temple. Enjoy how simple a temple is, which reflects ancient Chinese temple architecture in the Tang(618-971 BC) and Song(960-1279 BC) Dynasty.

Later we will go to a Confucius Temple, where you can enjoy the simple design of the building and interesting decorations especially to paraphrase the theory of Confucius.

Lastly we will visit Baoan Temple. It’s a Taoist and Buddhist temple in one. Here you can obtain some folk experience and how a visitor make a wish with gods. We will also admire the UNESCO certificated hand painting wall.

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