From the Castle to the King's Palace - The Royal Mile

We delve deeper into the secrets of Edinburgh's medieval old town. Starting from the castle esplanade, we stroll along the Royal Mile and talk about life in the old times.

Every building has at least one story to tell and they help you to understand how complex life was here: there is the wealthy fabric dealer, whose house still shows many details from the 17th century. St. Giles, once the most important church of the Town. There is the old town hall in the lower part of the Royal Mile... There were markets everywhere and people from the most diverse social classes lived side by side. All of this has left its mark.

When we arrive at Holyrood Palace, the royal palace, we take a quick look at seat of the queen today (through the generous gates) before we say good by to each other for now.

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Duration ca. 3 hours
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