Hi there! Marilena is my name. I'm a Tuscan lady who's been living in Florence for 35 years now, working as a fully licenced guide for 20 years. I find this has always been a perfect job to link my passion for art and my knowledge of foreign languages. I have a solid background in History and Art History which I sutdied at Florence University. My knowledge of English and German comes from the School for Interpreters of Florence and a number of stays abroad. I am very fond of my city and love sharing my passion for Florence with my guests, creating experiences and tailormade visits for them. I offer my guests every kind of tours in and around Florence: iconic monuments, museums, historical gardens, family-friendly tours or arts and crafts tours. I am at home in the Uffizi Gallery or in the Accademy where Michelangelo's David is housed. But I am very excited even when I can explore smaller museums and off-the-beaten-path itineraries. If you come, please contact me! We can arrange things together so that your tour in Florence may turn into an unforgettable experience!