Ciao! I have been a tourist guide since 1995. First in Milan, where I used to live. Then, since 1999, here in wonderful Tuscany. I guide mainly in two towns, Pisa and Volterra, as my license concerns the Province of Pisa. I learned English, German and French at the High School of Tourism, and Dutch from my Dutch mother. I have always been fond of art and history and during my two-year stay in London, I joined three courses of art and decorative art history at the Sotheby's Institute. I enjoy my work very much. I have been dealing mostly with big groups, especially German ones. However, small groups are becoming more and more frequent and I am delighted to work with them: it is easier to communicate, to adapt the tour to their wishes, to exchange knowledge and impressions. I always try to involve my guests with my enthusiasm, using clear explanations, making connections with other realities, and amusing my audience with humor and on occasion with a few jokes. Children can be sometimes a challenge but also fun. I love stimulating their tour with curious stories and easy questions.