Hello and welcome my dear visitors! My name is Marina and I am a local guide. Guiding Tours is something that I consider more than just a profession, it’s a longstanding passion of mine. The part that I like even more, is meeting people from all over the world and show them the best of my world! As long as I am this passionate, I will do it the best possible way. This tour will take you through the narrow alleys of the Old Town and through the ancient Diocletian Palace, a living and breathing palace to this day. You will be immersed in the local life and the local stories. You will experience the colourful market and hear about the Dalmatian way of living. As you listen to the stories and the legends, the tour will lead you through Peristil, Vestibul, the Dioclecian cellars, St Domnius Cathedral, the Temple of Jupiter, the Fruit and People’s square and in front of your very own eyes and mind, the past will spring to life. My primary goal are happy, satisfied and well-informed guests. As I am the one, representing and presenting this beautiful corner of the world where I come from, it is always my greatest honour and pleasure to see cheerful guests after a tour that I organised and provided. If you have any specific interests or preferences, I will be more than happy to prepare a custom-tailored tour for you, to enhance your pleasure and experience even more. Welcome to a walk through the colorful life and history of Split!