Don't take a New York City Walking Tour before you have read this

 I am a licensed and experienced New York City Guide, enthusiastic to show you New York City from the view of an immigrant who made this Metropolitan City her new home. Feel like a New Yorker: Take public transportation and walk through its streets with me.

Feel the heart beat of New York City, engage in its dialog. New York is exciting the minute you arrive. The City, where lots of dreams became reality due to its bubbling creativity felt at every corner. 

Let me show you famous sights and hidden places alike. When I arrived here 35 years ago, I was planning to stay for 3 months. What happened you ask? I fell in love with the City and never left. I believe its melting pot of people, architecture, music, film, art and food is unequaled. Every step is an adventure into an unknown world, even for someone who already knows New York! Have fun learning about the City and leave with your very own New York City experience.