Yes, Genoa is actually the city of Columbus and yes, it’s the main port of Italy….but what is actually interesting for the visitor is something else: Geno(v)a is a hidden, unexpected treasure. And ‘unexpected’ is the most common word I heard in my 25 years of experience as a local guide. I’ve often been amazed at how the wealth of Genoa was so unexpected, both in America and in Britain. Perhaps this is its main beauty. As guides, I believe, we feel more useful in cities such as Genoa, Venice and Naples… cities which are so rich and intricate to be easily discovered. And, being myself an enthusiastic tourist, probably the best publicity I might do for our beautiful city is precisely: "Yes, this is really a city where being with a guide makes the difference!" I live in the heart of the historic center, which I know deeply in his many aspects, and which represents the true meaning of the city. Happily, Genoa is also multifaceted, stratified, and going up and down through its vertical structure is such an interesting experience for historians, photographers, urban trekkers and any curious visitor. Come with us, let's discover one of the most gorgeous Italian cities together! [Good knowledge of English is guaranteed by all of us] Being a passionate guide requires as well good language skills, in order to describe the beauty and richness of this place without wasting time. Distances between different areas of Genova are limited; this makes it possible to enjoy it at the best!