I am from Norway,from Oslo and have been a certified Oslo Guide since 18 years.Have as well been a guide and tour leader throughout Norway for many years which I enjoy. Why did I become a guide? Because I am very happy when beeing with ,working and meeting people from all over the world! And I have been travelling and living for many years in several other countries myself. But I love strongly Norway where I was born and raised and what I mostly enjoy: showing Oslo and Norway to guests visiting us. But also telling about our culture and showing things they didnt expect, but also our museums. I have worked with people all my life in two different positions and have been a teacher in a school for foreign students in Norwegian language,culture and history for many years, this abroad and in Oslo. But studied Roman languages and pedagogy at the university for 5 years. Guided earlier in Spanish as well and learned a bit of several languages on all my travels and language courses in Oslo and abroad. My personality: openminded, helpful,friendly and very understanding for everybody and things that should happen on our way. My interests are skiing,hiking in the vast hills and nature especially in Oslo and sourroundings which I also enjoy showing tourists,and in the rest of Norway. More is reading,learning languages and about other cultures and habits, last but not least: travelling myself.