Hello! My name is Anna-Maria. Barcelona is a very dynamic city, she constantly makes you move, trying out new things, recreate, reinvent yourself, to meet her over and over again. Barcelona: she is a very special person with a very mysterious energy, a big smile and her arms wide open, between the sea and the mountains! She is a very good friend of mine, I might say, my home and my biggest inspiration. Barcelona gives you that very special feeling. Once in Barcelona, it's hard to leave, you always wish to come back. I felt it when I first arrived here back in 2005 and I love to share this passion and her wonderful energy with my tourists and visitors. I have worked in Barcelona since 2015 as a tourist guide, so I do bring a lot of experience in guiding tours. I offer tailor made tours to the visitor. I am the official tour guide for Catalonia, so I offer visits to museums and monuments. I am flexible about that and always match the customer needs with my knowledge and the best things and sights Barcelona offers.