Twenty years ago I took the decision to follow my instinct and became a professional guide in order to introduce international visitors into the secrets and beauties of my city (Barcelona) and my country (Spain). It was the beginning of an adventure that would change my life to an extent which I did not suspect then. This profession has given me the opportunity to meet plenty of people, of very different backgrounds, some of them have even become good friends of mine. I don't think to exagerate when I say that Spain is one of the most attractive and popular countries in the world: its inmense cultural and historical heritage, its arquitecture, its fantastic landscapes, its gastronomy and its "joie de vivre". Life in Spain is intense and full of colour and charm. And Barcelona is probably the jewel of the crown. The city of wonders, with its amazing Art Nouveau buildings and magnificent boulevards, its medieval old city, the new olimpic port area and many other spots which i would love to show you.