I am a certified professional and have been working as an interpreter-guide in Portugal for about 30 years. Getting to know a city is not an easy task, but with a professional, native of that place, will undoubtedly be the best way to discover its authenticity and beauty. The history, the traditions, the different mentalities and its gastronomy are fundamental aspects, which contribute to an experience full of surprises. I speak several languages, which gives me easy contact with people of different nationalities and mentalities, whom I love to meet. I specialized in accessible tourism in my PhD in 2015 and I organize besides the more traditional tours, several thematic tours, which can better adapt to the interests of all visitors. Come and discover the Portuguese pavements, glazed tiles, Fado, the traditional shops, monuments and palaces of this fantastic city, where several peoples have converged and left their mark over the centuries. Come with me to experience the flavours and sounds of the city and get to know Lisbon in a deep, genuine and fun way!