My first contact with Madrid dates back more than 30 years. During my stay abroad while studying history, I was fascinated by the hustle and bustle, the energy and the peculiar character of this metropolis. More than 10 years later I settled permanently in Madrid. Since then, I have been working as a certified tour guide in German, English and Spanish as well as a travel book author, bringing my enthusiasm for this enormous city in the heart of Spain to an international audience. The sophisticated Gran Vía, the Royal Palace (the center of Spanish politics for more than 400 years), the historical Habsburg district with its small streets and the imposing Plaza Mayor, the always energetic Puerta del Sol. And of course the countless world-class museums, especially the Prado Museum. Also not to be forgotten: the frenetic nightlife and the never-ending number of bars, restaurants and taverns. My repertoire includes city walks through long-established districts, but also thematic tours and, of course, museums and palaces. I hope you take home a bit of Madrid's joy of life and numerous unforgettable impressions from your stay.