With valuable expertise in everything you would want to know when visiting Scotland, or further afield; Beryl is the travel-planning guru your adventures have been missing. With over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, Beryl is an expert in knowing what transforms a tour from OK to outstanding. Her mission is to make stressful vacation planning and forgettable experiences a distant memory; driven by a desire to bring people together through what they see, marvel at and learn from, in one exceptional tour. In her former profession, Beryl was a member of the PR team for the travel company VisitScotland. It was here that Beryl was able to build a thorough network of knowledge within the Scottish travel industry; becoming familiar with common travel demands from tourists. The role allowed her to apply countless years’ worth of experience and close-knit knowledge into the planning of various tours for VIP’s. She was able to combine her industry expertise and passion for travel with her scrupulous desire to provide a truly unique experience. This was all powered by a deep enthusiasm to make every trip fabulous for every client! This experience, combined with her extensive knowledge of how to really see Scotland, resulted in the birth of TRIPorganiser. Rest assured; Beryl will give you the inside scoop on the finest secret Scottish spots.