my name is Karmen and I am local guide for Ljubljana. I have grown up and studied in Ljubljana, city situated in the heart of Slovenia. I've studied economics but wanting to have more immediate interaction with people I now primarily work as a tourist guide. I am immensely pleased to be able to show the beauties and splendours of my home town to the people coming to Ljubljana with wish not only to see the city, but also to delve deeper into everyday life of its inhabitants.

Important part of knowing the way how the people live is also knowing the culinary culture of the area - what also reflects the history of the area and is off course defined by the traditional agriculture. 

World is full of beautiful cities and one of them is definitely our beautiful Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Although not immensely big, meaning that the city is manageable and cosy to discover, Ljubljana is full of beautiful places.... small squares await for you to discover them ... people in Ljubljana are friendly... and our river Ljubljanica gives you surprising perspective if you decide to discover the city doing the boat tour - some people even compare our river Ljubljanica with river Seine in Paris ( so it is up to you to come and discover its charms)... 

Besides the typical city sites Ljubljana also surprises with the green areas, with the opportunities it gives you to exercise in the green areas h being situated practically in the centre of the city. 

So feel free to come and enjoy Ljubljana in my company... where I will be able to share with you the experience of the person who not only lives in Ljubljana, but for whom Ljubljana and Slovenia is part of cultural identity passed from the forefathers.