My name ist Milan and I´m now Pensioner. Therefore I´m able the entire time the tourist/customers in any time to accompany. My certificate/registration as the guide is valid entire teritory of Slovak Republic. I like to guide the tourist grups through the old town in Bratislava. I´m very glad to show the customers Sights of our town. especially the old streets, the most important buildings from the time period of ruling of the queen/empress Maria Theresia of Habsburg Family, the town fortification walls with its gate, the very good wine or beer cellars and as well as the beautiful churches. Very often are the visits of wine or beer cellars combined with the tests, which is parcticularly interesting for gourmets. Please experience the pulsating life also in the surroundings of Bratislava. It is well known for grape and wine production. They are always associated with wine tasting, especially during the grape harvest in September each year, with tasting Slovak specialties such as Brinsen dumplings, garlic soup in a loaf of bread and roasted goose or duck, often with traditional costume celebrations.