Tour Guides in Budapest


I'm a non-stop seeker of hidden corners, untold stories, behind the scene facts about the environment that surrounds me. I enjoy it for myself. If I have the chance to share it with others, even better! That's why I've become a full-time tour guide.
I know the city in and out as I am from Budapest and have been in guiding for three years. As an enthusiastic local I like to discover the secrets of the city and share it with the travellers. 
I grew up in Budapest and have lived here all my life. Inspiration has always been important for me: books, music, places, people, conversations, everything that helps me connect with something special.
My name is Viktória and I’m a registered tourist guide in Hungary. I’ve been doing this job for 17 years, on two continents, in three languages!
I am a freelance tourguide. I've been working as a guide and in various fields of tourism since 2000. I’ve been around many places in the world as a tourleader of adventure tours from Asia to South America and the Mediterranean in the spirit of responsible tourism. What really attracts me is alternative tourism.