Tour Guides in New York

I conduct New York City Walking Tours in English, Germand and Dutch. A native German, having lived in the Netherlands for several years, I am now a true "New Yorker" after having lived here for 35 years. 40% of all New Yorkers are foreign-born which has contributed to the melting pot of New York City. Follow me through New York and explore the city that never sleeps with me. New York is worthwhile visiting during any season!

From the well-known highlights in Manhattan, such as the Memorial, the Empire State Building, Central Park to the hidden gems in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island, I can customize my tours and adapt them to your interests and wishes.

Ronald Groenendyk, originally from the Netherlands, has been living in New York for 25 years and has been working as a tour guide there since 2019. He is passionate about travel, literature, music, history, gardening, yoga, languages, all for the purpose of making connections with people from all over the world.